Volume Fraction

Surface meshes of an irregular ROI (blue) and trabeculae within it (yellow) Bone volume fraction (BV/TV) is the volume of mineralised bone per unit volume of the sample. Volume Fraction provides two methods for measuring BV/TV: voxel-based and surface mesh-based. In the former, BV/TV is simply the number of foreground (bone) voxels divided by the total number of voxels in the image. In the latter, a surface mesh is generated using the foreground as a template and BV is the volume contained by the surface, while TV is the volume enclosed by a surface wrapped around the total test volume.

Irregular 3D ROIs are supported for Volume Fraction calculations. Add 2D ROIs to the ROI Manager and select "Use ROI Manager" in Volume Fraction's dialog box. ROIs without slice information are projected through the whole stack, while ROIs with slice information are limited to their slice in the image. If an ordinary ROI is drawn on the image and "Use ROI Manager" is not selected, Volume Fraction is calculated for the pixels within the ROI. If no ROI is defined, it uses the whole image.

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